This Oval Hole 7-string Archtop is my latest instrument as of 2018. Very traditional materials, sitka spruce top, curly maple body and neck, ebony fretboard and bridge, aluminum tailpiece with ebony veneer, boxwood binding.
But the design is less traditional. The arches are carved relatively shallow, only about 5/8" high in the center, and the plates are carved quite thin. The only brace is a single spruce bar underneath the bridge, parallel to it, and extending about 1.5" past the ends. The bridge is quite low, only about 1/2" high in the center, which produces a very low break angle of the strings over the bridge, and hence relatively low downward pressure on the top.
Combined with the oval soundhole instead of f-holes, this gives the guitar a lot of acoustic sound and good bass response, leaning toward the sound of a flattop guitar but still with the characteristic envelope of an archtop. It's an archtop that sounds good played softly fingerstyle.
I wound the pickup to Johnny Smith specs, and put an undersaddle piezo in the bridge as well. The two pickups go out separate channels of the stereo output jack. I frequently set the magnetic pickup sound relatively dark, and then add back in a touch of highs from the piezo pickup.