Here's the 4-string lined-fretless bass.
Woods include a sitka top, quilt sapele back, sides and neck, boxwood binding, ebony fretboard, bridge and headstock.
Although a little difficult to see in these photos, the body is a diagonal wedge shape, with the thinnest part of the body at the soundhole and the thickest at the output jack. Even though the body is 18" x 24" x 5-1/2", the diagonal wedge makes it surprisingly comfortable to hold.

Watch Esperanza Spalding play this bass on Jimmy Kimmel live...

The small offset soundhole tunes the air resonance of the body cavity down into the bass range. The rosette is spalted maple.

Like all my guitars, the bass features my pinless bridge design. A B-Band pickup system is installed.

New for 2006: the adjustment for my Adjustable Neck Angle System is on the outside of the neck heel, for easy action adjustments any time.

Because of the large body and small soundhole, I provide an access door to facilitate battery changes, pickup installation or future repairs.

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