Parlor Guitars

I built this matched pair of parlor guitars using "sister cuts" of every piece of wood, the only difference between them being that one is a 6-string, the other a 12-string. They are based on the Martin Model 1, the "Standard" Martin guitar model at the turn of the last century. The sterling silver and shell inlay is by Nancy Conescu, and again is matched to the last detail between the two guitars, except at the headstocks where the 12-string is larger to accommodate 12 tuning machines.

Hear Nancy Conescu and Mike Doolin play these parlor guitars. Nancy is singing and playing the 6-string on the right side, Mike is playing the 12-string on the left side...
Click this Play button to hear a short sample (784k download):
Click this Play button to hear the entire song (5.1M download):

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