22-string Double Neck Harp Guitar

This harp guitar has a separate 3-string fretless bass neck. The three strings are tuned G-D-A like the top three strings of a bass. The two necks are joined at headstock and are separated by 7/8", just enough room for the left hand thumb to fit between them; the bass strings are pressed to the fingerboard by reaching over the guitar neck with the left hand fingers (it's easier than it sounds!). The five sub-bass harp strings are tuned to the other notes of the scale - C-B-G-F-E - so all 7 notes of the diatonic scale are present as open strings. The sub-basses have sharping levers, so every key from Bb through E can be preset. There are also 8 super trebles with sharping levers, tuned E through E and covering the range from the open high E to the 12th fret high E.

Woods include a Sitka spruce top, cocobolo back, sides and head veneers, boxwood binding, and all wood inlays, including the client's initials on the guitar neck heel cap. The tuning machines are Pegheds 16:1 ratio, see http://www.pegheds.com.

Hear me try to play this thing...

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