This was my main electric guitar for many years, until I switched to 7-string, and it was the design basis for several other guitars, including the thinline electric harp guitars. The top and back are laminated arches; the top is 4 plys of spruce with one ply of quilt maple on top for looks, while the back is 5 plys of mahogany. Unlike most semi-hollow guitars with stop tailpieces, this one does not have a solid center block. The top has two parallel spruce braces running under the bridge feet, and the back is not braced. It's more akin to an ES-175 than an ES-335, but since I didn't cut the F-holes, it's much less susceptible to feedback. Many, many people have told me it's the best sounding electric guitar they've ever heard. It's very dynamically responsive, with a springy, almost acoustic feel, and while it is feedback resistant, you can get controlled feedback as an effect at reasonable volumes.

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