Mike Doolin and David Martin began their musical collaboration in 2007, when David was living in Portland OR where Mike lives. During that year, they played together in the LaRhonda Steele Band, the Chris Baum Project, and as a duo. In the duo setting, they began to play one another's original compositions, and decided to record a CD. That first CD is Reflection, released in 2008.

Then, the practicalities of life intervened, and David had to move back to Minneapolis. Four years passed. They each continued to write original compositions, and stayed in touch via email. In 2012, the time had come, so David came back to Portland to record a second CD, Tough Commute. The old magic was there just as it had been in 2008.

With the success of the second CD, it was inevitable they'd make it a trilogy. In late 2016, Dave made the "tough commute" out to Portland again, to record a third CD, Dark Star.

All three CDs contain all original compositions by either Mike or David. Ward Griffiths is the drummer throughout, with Mike and David on guitars and basses. Each CD features guest artists on one or two tracks, including Louis Pain, George Mitchel and Mike Horsfall. Click on each CD below to hear samples -

Contact Mike Doolin:
email ordering 'at' DoolinGuitars 'dot' com
phone (503)688-3376 Portland OR

Contact David Martin:
email Davemusic 'at' hotmail 'dot' com
phone (651)647-1595 Minneapolis, MN