Brian Jerome Idle

Brian was born in a very small town in lower Michigan. He began singing in church where his father was the choir director. The family all played musical instruments, and Brian's choice was the drums. He started singing in night clubs and bars throughout the mid-west and then took things more seriously by moving to Minneapolis and joining Boyd Hunt Enterprises. After working there he moved to the Pacific Northwest and worked for Pacific Talent, and the Good Music Agency. This resulted in a life long relationship with Stevie Mays and Stevie Mays Productions, meeting Fantasy Recording Artist "Pleasure" Marlon McClain and Nate Phillips, Bruce Carter and the rest of the group and working with them in various groups in the clubs scene in Portland Oregon. Brian also worked with smooth jazz artist Patrick Lamb at Montinoire Vineyard Jazz series and The Seattle Jazz Festival. While in Florida, he worked as studio musician and loved sitting in with Florida's own saxtress Stacy Knights and ledgendary bassist Charlie Souza. He has opened for Nicolette Larsen while with the Gary Ogan Group, Con Funk Shun while with the Visions group, and The Zapp Band, and sang an award winning jingle for Fred Meyer that aired one summer long throughout the west coast and Alaska. He currently spends most of his time in the studio producing and arranging original material.