House of Doolescu

The House of Doolescu is my home studio. I put it together for my wife, Nancy Conescu, and I. Doolin/Conescu... you get it. We run MOTU Digital Performer on a Quad Intel Mac Pro, with an RME Fireface 800 for A/D and D/A conversion. For this project, I had Ward set up her drum kit in the guest bedroom, with a pair of audio-technica Pro 37r condenser mics as overheads, an SM57 on the snare and an Audix D6 on the kick. I miked the guitar amps in the guest bathroom with an SM57 through a Neve Portico 5032 preamp, using open guitar flight cases as gobos to cut down on the bathroom reverb. I ran my basses direct through an Avalon 737sp preamp, and David's basses direct through his Sadowski preamp, except David's upright which I also miked. I miked the acoustic guitars with the Pro 37r mics, sometimes also with Nancy's Soundeluxe E251C tube condenser mic.