Mike says: "I wrote this around September of 2008, just before the election. The title refers to the subtle art of lying that politicians do so well.

"The trombone section is all David K. Parker. Dave was my high school band director in Lincoln City, way back in the mid 70's. Dave Parker is the reason I'm a musician today, he inspired my love of jazz and music in general, so it was really fun to hire him to play on my CD! In fact, the first jazz guitar I ever heard was the Howard Roberts record 'Somethin's Cookin'' that Dave loaned me, and that sound stuck in my head so much that I eventually had to have the guitar that Roberts introduced on that record, the guitar I used on this track."

Mike played:

David played:

  • 1965 Epiphone Howard Roberts archtop direct through Alesis Quadraverb GT
  • Doolin fretless acoustic bass guitar direct
  • Epiphone ES175 through Fender Hotrod Deville