Red State

Mike says: "This tune originally came to me as more of a jazz thing, but morphed along the way into more of a country/rock/fusion sarcasm. I had it all written and recorded the demo version before the title came to me. Again, this was right before the 2008 election, and I was thinking a lot about the quirks of our two-party system. That surreal situation inspired the title, Red State.

"Since it was a country thing, sort of, I had to use a Telecaster for the recording, but I didn't have one in my arsenal. But with a hodgepodge of aftermarket parts and shop leftovers, I managed to bolt together a semblance of a Tele."

Mike played:

David played:

  • Frankentele through 1973 Marshall 50w half-stack
  • Ibanez S470DXQM through Fender Hotrod Deville
  • Lakwood fretted bass direct through Sadowski preamp