A Tough Commute indeed! Ever since recording our first CD together in 2009, Reflection, David and I have talked about doing another one. But David had moved back to Minneapolis and I am still in Portland, so our opportunities to play together were limited. Nonetheless, our first collaboration had gone so well that we just had to make it happen again. So David "loaded up the van" with all his guitars and amps and drove the 1,729 miles back to the House of Doolescu in Portland. He had just 17 days in Portland, and we put the time to good use, recording 11 original tunes. As before, we brought Ward Griffiths into the studio to play drums, and by the time David had to commute home, we had a new CD. We're all very proud of the playing and writing that went into this project, and we hope you enjoy listening to it. Here are samples of the tunes:



Tough Commute:


Laughter and Forgetting:


You Know:


My Favorite Martin:

Yes, No, Maybe:

Long Distance/Tough Commute (reprise):

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