Sumb Thumb

Mike says: "We needed a Latin tune for the project, and I thought it would be cool to make it a sort of funky 60's Latin, like Wes Montgomery did with 'Road Song' and 'Boss City'. Then I also thought about The Crusaders with Larry Carlton on 'Put It Where You Want It'. So, Sumb Thumb is how I imagine it might sound if Larry Carlton covered a Wes Montgomery tune.

"Brian Jerome Idle played about 20 tracks of percussion, everything from conga and timbale to flexitone and dove whistle, which gave me a lot of colors to play with in the mix. I think it gives the track a bit of a party flavor.

"David played upright bass and nylon string acoustic guitar. I played the Rhodes keyboard part with my Axon guitar synth controller."

Mike played:

David played:

  • Doolin thinline direct through Alesis Quadraverb GT
  • Cordoba Flamenco nylon string acoustic